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Recognize low priced imports are undermining the manufacturing opportunities in the US. Unemployment will continue as today's consumers choose to buy off-shore low priced products. This has not only effected the manufacturing segment of business but the service segment as well. Outsourcing and warehousing has become the norm for the US.


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    You're right, low priced imports undermine the manufacturing opportunities for Americans. However, products can be made in America and sold for the same price as the low priced imports. People can profit from from manufacturing products in America. We are working on opening Production Centers with the equipment available to the public to come in and produce american made products and sold in Retail Outlet Stores dedicated to selling theses products in their respective communities. Check out the s-i-t-e Desktop Books. We are going to push for funding of the first Production Center. We need to work together to make Washington invest in the people.

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    No, They can't be manufactured here for as low as CHINA, they use slaves!