EPA and cng conversion of late model vehicles

I was considering starting up a low cost cng conversion business to convert gas guzzling vehicles to cleaner burning cng but the EPA says they must be certified by them which then doubles the price of converting these vehicles and makes it impractical and too expensive for the average person. I suggest that the EPA do a one time certification on the kit itself and that would give the business and the consumer an incentive to convert to a cheaper, cleaner solution to environment issues, reduce our dependancy on forign oil, and would create jobs


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    I suggest that the EPA not charge anything for these type of certifications if the results can be verified and repeated/duplicate consistently and continuously.

    This is what he people want.

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    donedeal4sure ( Idea Submitter )

    As it is now you can convert to CNG for about $1200 but if each vehicle has to be certified by the EPA it will cost an additional approx $2,500 and that goes to the EPA which is a waste of time and money when all they really need to do is do a one time certification of the product