An Innovator and Independent Inventor under Attack

Please provide legal protection to Individuals, Innovators, entrepreneurs and Independent Inventors whose ideas and intellectual property matters are subject to cyber theft. I for example is subject to such situation and circumstances since 2007 and all my efforts to seek help from law enforcing agencies and FBI and other government agencies have gone in vain. You may find my statement to be true in the following letter.



– SOS – May Day – SOS –




Honorable Chief of Staff Bill Daley

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

Tel: - 202-456-1414


Honorable Chief of Staff:


I, Muhammad Safder Ali, An Innovator and Independent Inventor am under attack since 2007 after publication of my Patent Application number 11/752,649, titled REDUCING INTERNAL THEFT AT A POINT OF SALE, dated May 23, 2007 by US Patent and Trademark Office and World Intellectual Property Organization, Switzerland in more than 125 countries under Patent Treaty Cooperation.


USPTO has also published the documents containing 1 + 63 pages under reference no. pct/us2007/012548 (case sensitive) dated 05-29-2007 titled “MISC. INCOMING LETTER FROM APPLICANT = Muhammad Safder Ali, illustrates the “ABUSES AND CONTROL” that I have faced during the process of invention (1997 – 2007). My patent is APPROVED on APRIL 05, 2011.


The situations after 2007 have not changed and at present it has become more dangerous.


The identity theft in my name can be used by Muslims only as such I suspect involvement of Muslim Mafia in collusion with others. Their obstruction and interferences are starkly visible and are reported.


I am the victim of identity theft, domestic violence, telephone harassments, stalking, and cyber attacking, electronic monitoring and bullying by criminals and have faced displacement, eviction and fired from jobs after publication of my invention since 2007.


I have contacted the Law Enforcing Agencies, FBI – Chicago & Washington, DC, DOJ, DOHS, State Police, Law Makers, Attorney Generals and Governors of IL & MI, News Media and foreign governments, but to no avail.


Hon. Senators Terry Link, Suzi Schmidt, Michael Bond and Representative Late Eddie Washington have recommended that my invention is good for the people and businesses.


I am a law abiding and non-violent US citizen however, will continue to fight the crime with the most lethal but legal weapon - The Pen - which is mightier than sword and in the process if the criminals and sociopaths win, it will be a shame for the US Government.


I have also participated in the National Medal for Technology and Innovation Award, The Wall Street Journal – Technology Innovation Award and The Presidential Citizen Medal - 2011.


Thank you.


Most Respectfully,




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– SOS – May Day – SOS –



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