Let other countries pick up a check.

My suggestion is to sell things, food and also offer services to countries like China for a fraction of a real cost, while the leftover of a real price has to be payed by that country as a debt to the banks to whom the US is indebted. I mean they pick up the check for the US in a form of taking part of the debt that equals the price redaction size.

Thus, there is more opportunities for more American entrepreneurs to enter international markets ( even though the process will keep them modest entrepreneurs, will not let them to become rich too fast, which is OK in my eyes. They can be reinforced with other, non material, non monetary methods for helping US debt redaction), while US debt will gradually decline, because parts of it will be automatically shuffled to other countries during business deals.

I imagine that such agreements will be decided with participation of the banks to whom the US is indebted. I think this is great idea. I wish politicians jump on it right away.



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