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Cleantech entrepreneur and operator; focused on commercializing new technologies and growing early-stage to midsize companies.


My ideas for the list.

1. Allow entrepreneurs to be eligible for unemployment compensation.

2. Implement a one-payer, National Healthcare System; the social contract with large employers is gone and the healthcare/insurance/politics game is a mess.

3. Simple, flat-tax-like system. No more GE-tax stories.

4. Reform tort and contract law. Want to license something from a national lab? You’ll meet one inventor and four lawyers.

5. Accelerate the SBIR process. Quick answer in 30 days.


Also, while I’m not a protectionist, and I understand it is not a role for Government, we Americans need to start, once again, buying products and services made here in the USA. How can we possibly win when we are shipping our dollars, our capital investments, and our technologies abroad while simultaneously not investing here? It’s a no-win scenario for most Americans. We also need to get healthy, and we need to eliminate the subsidy and special interest bureaucracy that we’ve allowed to flourish in DC.


Thank you for this effort.


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