Creating Jobs in U.S. Contact Centers

Dear Start Up America - President Obama and Staff,


Understanding our government is innovation new ways to create jobs here in America, I believe I have a promising solution that can add to achieving this immediately and in a big way.


Companies cannot ignore the fact that the world is becoming more unsafe, and that many foreign countries which offer contact center services are inherently unstable either economically, environmentally, politically or socially, or maybe a combination of several factors. A report entitled “2009, The Year of Outsourcing Dangerously” published by the Black Book of Outsourcing concludes that Companies with offshore operations should have a transition plan in place to bring their operations back on-shore in the event of a crisis and better yet, to safeguard the American public’s confidential information.


The Call Center, BPO, CRM space has been chasing cheap labor for decades. The industry started in Middle America and eventually bled over and into cheap labor countries. The problem has always been how to service and sell products and services to the American public that doesn’t compromise their security and confidentiality. The problem with shipping jobs overseas is that we are also shipping our most sensitive data overseas from our unsuspecting American public, exposing them to significant identify, fraud and theft threats. Contact and Data centers overseas have access to social security numbers, mortgage profiles, banking accounts, health data just to name a few. Establishing trust and confidence back into the American public would have significant meaning and benefits.


As this picture denotes, contact centers are a significant job resource in the U.S. Agent positions in the U.S.



Contact Center Employment by State – Strong workforce representation in all parts of U.S.





Sustainable and competitive Salaries by job market



Contact Center Jobs - Salaries by vertical market by job role


New agent Experienced agent

Finance $31,541 $37,205 $46,499 $67,529

IT $31,083 $38,600 $46,000 $57,500

Medical $30,329 $37,127 $45,458 $67,442

Insurance $29,955 $35,000 $42,110 $57,830

Public Sector $28,050 $31,350 $33,366 $58,250

Retail & Dist $26,938 $33,313 $45,875 $57,125

Utilities $24,920 $32,500 $44,640 $77,500

Services $22,375 $27,125 $35,500 $56,375

Outsourcing $20,989 $26,918 $32,777 $54,417

Trans & Travel $18,980 $23,400 $31,250 $48,750

Telecoms $18,800 $19,440 $27,441 $51,500


$25,983 $31,644

• How the call center industry will look in 5 years – Projected - 45% will be outsourced off-shore




Incenting U.S. companies to keep and/or bring jobs back to the U.S could be multi-fold. Studies have shown doing business in the U.S for U.S citizens is highly profitable compared to their outsourced, off-shore partners. The industry is a multi-billion industry that if given the right incentives, can create thousands of new jobs all across the United States.

I look forward to the opportunity to investigate this further, and to get started on solving the challenges of unemployment in the U.S.

Most sincerely,


Daniel J. Akre

4120 Douglas Blvd

Suite 306-384

Granite Bay, CA 95746

916.789.9200 (office)


Summary of Qualifications

• More than twenty years of superior performance in domestic and global sales, sales leadership, and sales training. Grassroots selling experience to executive leadership working with Fortune 500.

• Recipient of over fifteen major awards for sales and management excellence, including Sales Person of the year, Sales Executive of the year, and numerous annual top performers awards.

• Produced millions of dollars in new net revenue through conventional and innovative selling techniques.

• A standout among peers in presence, presentations, knowledge, experience and savvy

• Proven success with executive level selling and prospecting, coordinating internal and external executive teams, finance, technology, operations, risk, legal, and human resources, including the orchestration and leadership of resources necessary to close, grow, or re-negotiate large deals.

• Strong leadership skills to include planning, organizing, and motivation to develop people and teams to lead them to unprecedented achievements.

• Excellent consulting, analytic, financial, communication and presentation skills.

• Demonstrated excellence in leadership and teamwork positions

• Demonstrated unique ability to generate millions of dollars in new net revenue


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