Getting off of foreign oil - An immediate job creator

The National Algae Association is a non-profit. We would like to discuss an opportunity with STARTUPAMERICA. We currently have a two semester algae production course taught in two community colleges with a waiting list of 16. (in it's second year). We have an Algae Production Certication Course for students and people interested in our industry (3rd sitting in Jan 2012). College students that have taken the course and certification course have receive jobs immediately after graduation. Algae is projected to be a $1.4 billion dollar industry. (half for biofuels and half for co-products). Please call me directly to discuss further. Exxon has invested $600m and Bill Gates $100m into our industry.


We also have been given over 20,000 acres and abandoned commercial building to scale-up algae farms thoughout the US in our algae production incubator program.

A win-win for algaepreneurs and commercial real estate land owners.


Look forward to hereing from you at your earlist convenience.




Barry Cohen, Executive Director

National Algae Association



Algae: The New Oil


It's one solution to help the US reduce its dependence on foreign oil

and create new green jobs.


The algae industry is quickly moving technologies out of the lab and into commercial-scale algae production. Many new algae production plants are scaling-up to produce algae oil and biomass for co-products. Algae proven technologies are being benchmarked for commercial use and implemented today in the scale-up of the new algae industry. Enhanced research will surely continue as algaepreneurs move into commercial-scale algae production. Algaepreneurs are united in wanting to help the US get off of foreign oil, create jobs and help reduce CO2 emissions. Since the government is moving slow into commercial-scale algae production, algaepreneurs have taken on the task of scaling-up algae production farms throughout the US. The NAA Engineering Consortium has just finished the first 100 acre algae production plant (growing, harvesting and extraction) design in the US.


Algae oil is renewable, does not affect the food channel and consumes CO2. It's one solution to help the US reduce its dependence on foreign oil and create new green jobs.


The National Algae Association, a 501(c)6, is the first algae trade association in the US with chapters throughout the country to assist algaepreneurs create algae production plants to provide biodiesel producers with a renewable feedstock. Algae oil can be made into jet fuel, biodiesel, biogasoline and bioplastics. Algae biomass can be made into many different co-products such as nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and organic fertilizer.



Don't miss out on the opportunity to be involved in this emerging industry!


For information contact:


National Algae Association

4747 Research Forest Drive, Suite 180

The Woodlands, TX 77381




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