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I suggest you...explore that idea and fine tune like that of Paul Newman a model state wide that any workforce investment board can create.

Profit's to any education foundation to solve the

Racial Achievement Gap. High risk youth, as a Gang for Good! so partner with an existing business: owners in training, mentoring, life plan

and not just a idea, framework found within the site:

Who would not support a "Los Charales" in my

State of California if higher education student's so had it's own county wide, job creation network

ending in that "Vision Cafe", good food, and office space for a local "Youth Power! initiative.

It's aim's that of the existing initiative sourced by

Leon Panetta called California Forward. Key profit's to put Teacher's First

in a fund know as "The Value Youth Fund".

Have power points that speak to the idea within the Linkedin and also with any e-mail to:

Targeting the Latino asset but with a insight of

"Promise towns" for all.


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