Innovative Financing & High impact Business Development

Financing, Financing, Financing!

Use Business Schools in the US to provide open Business concept competition (Open to non student as well).

Heavy focus by state for top entrepreneurial schools. Give top entrepreneurial school in the US the Quaterback position for the entire program.

Quaterback would use up to 1-4 Universities per state.

The various business schools would be an anchor to encourage success act as clearing house for resource and development.

Professors could be advisers.

95% of the money would go directly to the startup companies instead of salaries for fund managers.

Minimum of 100K per winning. (in phases if goals are met)

For every $1 Billion :

9,500 companies can be incubated

5-10% (475-950) will succeed.

They would most likely add an average of 10-100 jobs each. Plus 10-100's of support jobs in the entire supply and value chain.


$200Billion potential impact: Creation of 19 Million Jobs!


Quaterback would also negotiate/propose to congress existing/new policy(ies) that would create an ecosystem for high growth and innovation.


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