Job/Entrepreneurship CDC will create millions of new jobs

Ideas to jump start jobs creation and innovation in American. I have participated and advised my local government officials on ideas for creating jobs and what I found astounded me.

1. Officials play it safe with federal dollars: Outcome > no innovation or job creation just same ole same ole. (Has to be some level of risk taken)

2. Once the federal dollars were available. Local gatekeepers rewarded there friends or shuffled the money into there ongoing pet projects: Impact no change.. (Invest in new leadership development and creative ideas)

3. Community Colleges are poor incubators for entrepreneurship because teachers only teach and do not build businesses. (Local Job Development CDC's - not government, but operating more like Venture Capitalist- have to be created and tasked with certain level of authority to help identify and nurture entrepreneurship opportunities)

4. Creation of creative financing available to qualifying (Idea's) that the newly created Job/Entrepreneurship Development CDC deem viable in there local regions. *CDC have ability to finance and create partnerships, connect business with customers and hire staff to get business operating at level of stability.

5. Add to language of federal dollars acquired by state and local government for them to work interdependently with complimentary departments.

6. Create online map identifying regional and local supportive industry suppliers, agencies, startups or lack of and help them build the ability to work effectively together.

7. Create customized regional education program that shares localized opportunity data, resources and information.

8. We have to see this first as industry creation and then process creation from a holistic perspective merging all of the resource to work collectively together. This is difficult because most think linear.

I can go down a list... Please feel to contact me or connect with me Karl Brustmeyer.


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