Let us vote (online) how to spend tax dollars and USPTO database

Allow citizens to vote using the internet and thus make democracy a reality. Think of the 600 million Facebook users voting on issues in real-time. We could move forward instead of stagnating. We could also fire all of our 'representatives' on capital hill. At least use the power of instant communications/feedback to gauge what people want to do with tax dollars. How about letting us see exactly (itemized) how are tax dollars are being spent and let us choose from options/programs that we would like to vote up. Like Ideascale on a grand-scale. How about closing down the USPTO and letting people submit ideas/inventions into an encrypted database. Think of how many ideas are lost due to our failed patent/copyright protection/granting system. How about using the keywords associated with said inventions/ideas to refine a database of relevant content/info which will help said idea to emerge from the masses. Such as the inventions industry and potential for success can all be deduced by a computer program. For example, if I invent a new exercise ball and submit my provisional patent (with keywords), the program uses those keywords to determine the industry (if I haven't already selected this from a drop-down menu), then the industry statistics like market growth, size, etc. can help determine the viability/profitability of the invention. Also, you could retrieve associated inventions/prior-art so that a more efficient patent search can be done. There is much room for improvement and reduction of the bottlenecks to innovation and economic growth due to our ridiculous USPTO and lack of really usable tools and information for entrepreneurs without capital/resources. Does anyone with power actually read these ideas anyway? We could harness ideas and make them reality nearly instantly. World changing ideas and business models are waiting to be found! There are a lot of dudes in garages right now in the US who will never see the light of day unless we do something soon. Peace to Obama.


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