New business develop from public research :new accounting needed

As long as we continue to measure greatness in small business as the bottom line while including only a small section of the actual cost we are doomed and might as well join the end of the earthers in their various castles. These are people who would rather die than do the hard work of looking anew at what really matters. If you want real success that lasts you must account for all the extractive processes, and the use of peoples time and lives to produce them. Now that DOE is offering for 1000$ fee possibly exclusive right to develop from National Lab research actual products, we must ask ourselves if this is right. Since it is a selection process, and looking at the track record of DOE, we should expect that those companies selected will be part of the Big 3, Military Industrial, Agribusiness, or Pharma. If not from the start, then the product will be taken over by them. It isn't fair that the public discourse has not yet happened on what we really want as a people, only what our government wants for us to continue to support wars of expansion and extraction in this supposed free country. Are we willing to risk a Fukushima or 100, to keep the high quality electric flowing for our government sponsored technologies? The public doesn’t need it for their freezers, nor for their housing. Not even for getting about, though DOE plans for electric transportation fueled by nuclear is obvious. Even the push for windmills has behind it as followup a fix of small nukes to compensate for intermittent wind, timed to coincide with the end of town subsides from Wind companies..10 years. Subsidies are driving bad big fixes and pollution is the PR cry, not nuclear or noise pollution but carbon pollution, now that peak oil is past.



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