Open the doors of entrepreneurship to foreign students

I suggest you allow entrepreneurs from other countries to start businesses in the U.S.


Let me explain, right now. There are thousands of students at U.S. colleges and universities getting degrees in physics, chemistry, engineering, management, economics, etc...


MANY of these students are foreign students here under student visas. These students are brilliant. Here at Purdue University, the majority of engineering students are foreign. After they graduate, most if not all of them will be forced to go back to their home countries. While they are gone, they will be starting businesses and working for companies that compete against the United States.


If we are allowing these foreign students to come here, get educated, and then we ship them back home. How do we expect to grow and compete against countries like China, India, Korea, Germany, Russia..... we cant compete if we force our most valuable resources to leave!!


In order for the USA to start competing and growing again, the Federal Government needs to allow these foreign students to stay in the USA so they can work for American companies or start American companies so they can create jobs here in America and contribute to the US economy.


Our own laws are the reason for the lack of jobs and economic growth. Unless changes are made, no progress will be made.


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