STOP removing all licenses for child support enforcement

I believe the single best options would be STOP states from removing, revoking and canceling licenses as a means of child support enforcement. Removing someone's license, be it business, professional or driver's (how many people drive for a living?) is not going to help the situation and will in fact make it worse. If a person wanted to run to get out of paying their child support, they'll find a way to do this. However, most people who find themselves in this situation aren't trying to run, but trying to do the best they can to support their children and pay their obligation, but the state and system don't take into account, lulls in market place, lack of work (E.g. construction usually dwindles during winter in most states I believe) and even the time it can take for a business to get off the ground and become profitable. If a person, just starting out with their business, perhaps falls behind in their child support payments because they have to cut the hours they are working a paid job in order to build their business, and if the state is already taking half their income from their paid job, how is taking this person's business license going to help? They lose their business, their dreams and the children lose out as well because what if that person became the next Bill Gates or Andy Grove with their business, but it's now gone. Since most states, and even some countries, have extradition agreements for anyone found in 'contempt' for non payment, even removal of a driver's license is not necessary. The only reason a state has for removing, revoking or canceling any license is it costs them money to do so. This cost is taken into account when reporting their enforcement costs to the federal government, who in turn pays the state in incentive cash (covered by tax payers by the way). The child support enforcement thus is not about helping children or families but about making money for the state. Stop the removal and revocation of all types of licenses for child support enforcement and it would also be a good idea to stop paying the states these federal incentives for their enforcement costs because how many millions, if not billions of dollars would that save the government each year? If you really care about removing barriers to entrepreneurship, this is a HUGE one that needs to be done. Let the small business owners and operators in this country continue to build their business, their dreams and our economy!



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