Small Business Administration Proposed Rule.13 CFR Part 121; RIN

The $27.0 Million Size Standard and New Focus on Multiple Award Contract Vehicles. As the Federal Government moves toward awarding large-scale multiple award contracts while minimizing single award vehicles, businesses just surpassing size standards are forced to compete with much larger companies in order to secure these vehicles and maintain their business base. These vehicles have exceedingly high dollar thresholds and do not take into account medium-sized business concerns.


Example: SPAWAR Atlantic is preparing to release 18 full and open MAC contracts in 2011. These vehicles range in value from $100M to $900M dollars. More than half of the vehicles to be released are valued at more than $500M. Mid-size companies will be forced out of competition when they are unable to show experience managing similar sized vehicles. At the same time, they are precluded from bidding the small business setaside MACs as they surpass the size standard.



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