Streamline & Fast Track

Time is money for start-ups too...perhaps more so given the higher costs of capital and reduced resources and business infrastructure! The SBA can assist in streamlining and bundling of selected critical processes across Federal agencies to enable entrepreneurs to form new legal entities, hire resources and generate revenue faster. In addition to streamlining, the SBA could assist multiple agencies in being more proactive by creating new "Fast Track" processes that provide businesses with the "option" to obtain key decisions, permits and outcomes faster (or perhaps even by a guaranteed date/time) for an incremental fee. This is akin to Federal government services that already exist - like paying a premium to obtain faster mail or package delivery service (via the US Post Office) or receiving a US Passport on an expedited basis. Just make this Fast Track model more widespread and accessible. The Fast Track services would necessitate a premium fee to be paid, but each business could choose if the premium was worth the benefit obtained from the accelerated (or guaranteed) pace of service. Additionally, having this mechanism in place fairly soon, for many government services, would possibly enable these critical "gatekeeper" services to continue if and when the Federal government decides to make reductions in the staff that currently provides these services. By being proactive with streamlining these mandatory processes and offering an "optional" Fast Track now, new American businesses will be able to more quickly: form, hire, grow, prosper and compete. We all need to take personal responsibility in creating a better tomorrow...this is just a way to make it better sooner.


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