Targeted Import Reduction/Job Creation

I have a plan for quickly creating a large number of manufacturing jobs across the country (which will start correcting our trade deficit) within 4 months after "start", following negotiated support and partnership with the companies currently importing these goods. Key will be to identify top 20 industries and associated high imported items, their “importers” and "make them here" for nationwide consumers, which could expand to exports eventually. For most companies, the savings they had thru outsourcing no longer exist due to fuel/shipping costs. They may be more motivated to purchase locally (if available), especially with tax incentives. Depending on the manner in which presented, some may even invest in the venture. This would tie into Startup America and VETransfer. As a veteran, I’m confident veterans could quickly fill many of the management positions in these companies, if not ownership. We start with non-technical positions for a quick turnaround, then more technical as time goes on. Governors would be invited to participate with business friendly incentives, which I believe they would embrace to get their city flourishing with job growth and revenue.


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