Venture Labor Tax Incentives

Encourage venture labor investments in early stage startup businesses that are operating within a non-profit organization that is established to facilitate new business development initiatives.


Employed, displaced and retired professionals who may be interested in a particular early stage startup business could invest their time, not their money, on a part time basis in an early stage startup business. Venture labor investing should become an alternative to venture capital investing. There is no risk to capital! Venture labor investors could receive annual tax incentives if their labor is invested on a part time basis in an early stage startup business. Include provisions in a law or regulation that would allow venture labor investors to receive an equity stake in the future enterprise even though they would have received an income tax deduction for their invested labor. Perhaps this strategy would encourage professionals to become stakeholders in early stage startup businesses at least for the tax deduction and with the future expectation that they could receive a financial return based on their accumulated equity in the startup business. Encourage the early stage startup business to simply register their activities with the IRS, FBI and/or the SEC to account for venture labor investments.


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