adopt the PDX open-source mind-set

Look at Portland as a model for community & growth in start-ups…

There are 5-6 sectors or clusters in PDX that make it a nearly perfect test environment: tech & open-source, alternative energy, meteoric rise of iPhone/iPad & mobile apps, sustainable/environmental base of companies & people, a notable PDX bike-culture, a prominent locals/foods culture (restaurants, farms, vineyards, breweries, etc) and an overall open-source mind-set that connects all sectors. The PDX culture acts as an exponential factor on growth & cooperative interaction, & is nurtured by support from city leadership… Mayor Sam Adams & his team have done an outstanding job. One idea that seems to work across disciplines/venues is the "un-conference"; these seminars/events are intentionally structured with no formal agenda, so that people w/ like interests will gather & share information; the intentional lack of structure seems to be what allows organic learning to occur.



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